District News

District News

Cabinet Meeting in Boulder

Montana District 37 Governor Michael Tobin presides at the Cabinet meeting in the multi purpose room at Jefferson High School,Boulder, Montana, October 9, 2021.

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Lions Clubs International Foundation Update

A graphic of a storm cloud and lightning.

Every year the world faces more Challenges and for the past 50+ years “Our Lions Clubs International Foundation” has been there to meet them. They very in kind, size and number, however in one way they remain the same–they alter the existence of all living things.

     This year we have faced more challenges than usual, and we still have 3 months left in this year.  But then again isn’t that the way we have felt year after year? Fortunately LCIF has been there to offer relief. Since 1968 LCIF has approved over 13,000 grants for over 1 Billion Dollars.

     In 2007 LCIF was named the #1 non-government organization in the world to partner with by an independent Financial Times Study. In 2019 LCIF received a 4 Star rating (it’s highest) from Charity Navigation for the 8th consecutive year putting it in the top 4% of all non-profits with accountability, responsibility and transparency. You can be confident your donations are being handled at the highest levels of competency.

Those 13,000 grants and the 1 Billion Dollars are a part of LCIF’s legacy, but legacy does not meet today’s or tomorrow’s needs. If you have given in the past I thank you, if you are continuing to give as I do, I thank you. if you have not in the past now is as good a time as any. 1 Billion Dollars did not come from just one donation, it came from thousands of large and small donations from thousands of Lions from every corner of the world. Go to lcif.org/donate to donate online and learn about other ways to give.

Thank you, Yours in Lionism,

PDG Lary Garrison, LCIF Chair, Dist. 37

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Online Club Officer Training Offered

District 37 will be offering club officer training for all club officers for the upcoming Lions year.   We will be starting with a training session for all incoming club officers.   The second session will be for club treasurers.   Sessions for secretaries and membership chairpersons will be announced soon. 

The first session is for all officers and will include:

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District Election Results (from mail-in ballot in lieu of convention)

April 30, 2020

District 37 Election Details

Potential Voting Delegates                          165

Returned Delegate Certification Forms      29      Clubs

Total Voters                                                      56

56        Votes for DG Candidate Mike Collins
56        Votes for 1st VDG  Candidate Michael Tobin
56        Votes for 2nd VDG Candidate Scott Dornfeld
56        Votes for Kalispell as the site for the 2021 convention
55        Votes for Constitution Resolution – Officers and District Cabinet
52        Votes for Constitution Resolution – Miscellaneous
52        Votes for By-Laws – Article I – Section 8
1          Vote Against the Proposed Change to the By-laws

There was only 1 vote in opposition to any of the ballot proposals.  Several of the ballots were incomplete.

Ballots have been appropriately destroyed.

PDG Dennis Kopitzke, Chair, Elections and Certification Committee
Lion Darrell Grogan Forsyth Lions Club
Lion Bob Martelle, Forsyth Lions Club
Lion Gordon VanAsh, Forsyth Lions Club